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Learn about our passion for breeding and raising the finest collectabulls.

Smooth-E and Mega-D, the two founding members of Collectabulls, share a deep love for dogs and an unwavering determination to succeed as entrepreneurs. With an unbridled passion for canines, they established this venture to not only pursue their dreams but also make a difference in the lives of these loyal companions. Their motto, "Fuck Bitches, Get Money," reflects their relentless pursuit of financial success and their refusal to let obstacles hinder their path. With each passing day, Smooth-E and Mega-D embody this mantra, pouring their heart and soul into their work. Their unwavering dedication to their vision, coupled with their love for dogs, sets them apart as motivated individuals ready to make their mark in the entrepreneurial world.

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We offer stud services with our top-quality collectabulls.

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